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Tools for issue queue ninjas

on Sat Mar 3, 2012

A secret

I'm going to tell you a secret: I'm a core issue queue ninja.

I appeared from nowhere last summer and started raising hell--quietly and politely.  I patch and test and triage, and mentor and review.  You look for the new critical, but I have already triaged it.  You ask me for a comment, but I have already replied. I cut through code style errors with deadly efficiency.  Every week, I deploy a ninja clan against the core queue.

These are my assassination targets:

Ninjas need tools

The standard ninja is swift and efficient with bare hands and feet, but so much more deadly when equipped with proper shuriken or swords.

Here are some ideas for tools to make issue queue ninjas more powerful:

(The last two ideas have only been recently submitted, and so need your help to make them more visible.  Vote on other ideas too!)

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